How to Configure Network Subnetting Here is the quick and dirty about subnetting. I find that most sites or “cheat sheets” complicate things and the need for a IP calculator is obvious when manually calculating it can be painful, but it really isn’t. Understanding is a huge portion of calculating subnets when you understand you will see how easy it really is and the need for using an IP calculator is more a for validation than giving you the answer. There are some things you need to know first they are: A subnet is comprised of 4 octets of 8 bits each = 32 bits. = 32 bits. Nothing more [...]

People In The New IT Department Are Part Of The Business

by Xavier Zinn August 2, 2010

I have found that for the most part, elements of IT work in a vacuum. They test and develop to their hearts content yet never tell anyone outside of their group or department what they are doing. I guess people in the business are just supposed to know what is happening, right? IT has transitioned a few times in its history but it appears that the transition that will have the biggest benefit for both IT and the business is a transition some people are not willing to embrace – a transition into the business. It is time for the CIO’s and VP’s of IT to realize that IT is [...]

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How To Get and Keep Your IT Job

by Rob Lavigne July 7, 2010
IT Management, IT Network, IT Journeyman

Getting and keeping a job in IT are almost the same things So the job market for IT people seems to be slim according to “them” or so I have read online. I guess maybe being a new person with no experience might be a little slow to get a job at first but I think that if you know what you want to be (or do) in IT, it should be pretty clear on how to get that job if you have read anything online about how to get the job you want. Also, for some of you that are scared that if you loose the job you have, [...]

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Supporting Macs in a Windows Environment

by Rob Lavigne June 20, 2010
Thumbnail image for Supporting Macs in a Windows Environment

How to properly integrate Apple’s in your Microsoft network. We all have experienced some pain getting Apple’s working properly within our Windows networks. Either the one marketing employee has lost connection again to their network drive mappings (who doesn’t login to Active Directory anyway) or the IT director mentions that he read somewhere that we should make sure that we have total security and that should include those darn Mac’s. Oh and then there is the CEO who just had to have that new Mac-i-whatever and expects us to support his non standard hardware and software in a non forgiving Mac hating Windows network. (this was just for dramatic effect, [...]

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IT Outsourcing and Your Job

by Xavier Zinn February 27, 2010
Networking, Outsourcing, IT Journeyman

If ever there was proof that IT wasn’t significant to the business it is outsourcing. For all the so-called value IT brings to the table the business has just slapped you and your department in the face by outsourcing a large part of your job. Back in the day it may not have been called outsourcing, it could have been commissioning, as in commissioning a piece of furniture for instance, the concept is still the same but it somehow had a different feeling way back when. Here we explore outsourcing and how it affects your IT position, the good and the bad.

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How The Internet Started

by Rob Lavigne February 7, 2010
itjourneyman how the internet started

The internet has a great history in how it came to be. This video has a great description by the guys who worked on it, and worked out how they solved the communications problems of business and people at the time. What a great watch.

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Your iPod and the Command Line

by Xavier Zinn January 28, 2010
IT Management, IT Network.

Surfing the Internet today I was struck at all the sites dedicated to getting music off an iPod. Everyone I came across related to an application you would download and use. When I searched it in Google I came across 355,000 sites when I type in “get music off ipod” (that is with quotes) in Google. Now I know software is usually easier but in this case I really didn’t see the point if you are using a Mac, using Mac OS X which is based on FreeBSD gives me everything I need to get my music off an iPod. Yes, it is command line based but if you own a Mac you [...]

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Be Your Own Help Desk – Use The Help Menu!

by Xavier Zinn January 26, 2010
Networking, Outsourcing, IT Journeyman

Why is it people are allowed to still be scared of computers in the workplace? Why is it still looked upon as acceptable when every aspect of someone’s job now entails using a computer and they still don’t know, or want to know how to use it properly? I for one fail to understand why software companies invest in a help function within their applications when no one who uses those applications actually know how to click on the help button and type in some keywords to actually find out how to do something. It boggles my mind. Companies still find it completely acceptable for staff to sit idle while [...]

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Microsoft Products, Are They Still The Only Ones?

by Xavier Zinn January 24, 2010

Have you ever wondered why most companies have continued to standardize on Microsoft products when today, there is a variety of robust platforms that are cheaper, standards driven and available with most of the uses you need? I understand that there is an investment in a current technology but how much time, effort, and money is it going to cost to change? Especially with the advent of web based applications, “cloud computing” and such. It seems to me that being platform agnostic is achievable and in most cases desirable. Who Decides It’s Microsoft? Is it the business that is making the decision to stay with Microsoft or is it IT? [...]

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